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Kate investigates on a series of murders similar to Angelus's victims. The gang suspects Angel of being evil again. Turns out the real killer was sired by Angelus, and he's following the path of his former master.

Winrich Kolbe

Tim Minear

Regular cast
David Boreanaz ... Angel/Angelus
Charisma Carpenter ... Cordelia Chase
Alexis Denisof ... Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Guest Starring
Elisabeth Rohm ... Detective Kate Lockley
Jeremy Renner ... Penn

Skateboard Kid ... Nick McCallum
Kimberliegh Aarn ... Precinct Clerk
Paul Webster ... Uniform #1
Brien DiRito ... Task Force Member #1

Air date
18 January 2000

Did you know that?
Glenn Quinn is removed from the credits and Alexis Denisof joins the main cast.

CORDELIA: Great news, sports fans, there's been another killing. Well, maybe not so great news for the - you know, dead person, but at least now we know that Mr. - I’m so tortured - didn’t do it!

 Rêve Prémonitoire
 Schatten der Vergangenheit
 Il Pupillo

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