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Vengeance Unbound

Over view
Faith is hired by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel. She kidnaps Wesley and tortures him.

James A. Contner

Jim Kouf

Regular cast
David Boreanaz ... Angel/Angelus
Charisma Carpenter ... Cordelia Chase
Alexis Denisof ... Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Guest Starring
Julie Benz ... Darla
Christian Kane ... Lindsey McDonald
Thomas Burr ... Lee Mercer
Tyler Christopher ... Bret Folger
Stephanie Romanov ... Lilah Morgan
Eliza Dushku ... Faith

Rainbow Borden ... Gangbanger
Francis Fallon ... Dick
Adrienne Janic ... Attractive girl
Rodrick Fox ... Assistant D.A.
Thor Edgell ... Romanian man
Jennifer Slimko ... Romanian woman

Air date
25 April 2000

Did you know that?
For the last scene in the Alley, it was really raining all night.

ANGEL: What is the game, exactly, Faith? Boredom, revenge?
FAITH: Dude, I'm gettin' paid! They hate you almost as much as I do.
ANGEL:Did it ever occur to you this might be more fun for me?
FAITH: Ya think? 'Cause what if you kill me and experience that one true moment of pleasure? Oops. I'd get off on that. Go 'head, do me. Let's take that hell ride together.
Come on, Angel, I'm all yours. I'm givin' you an open invitation.
Jeez, you're pathetic, you and your little tortured soul, gotta think everything through -- well think fast, lover, you don't do me, you know I'm gonna do you.

English Five by Five
French Cinq sur Cinq
German Alte Feinde
Italian La forza dell'odio
Spanish La Asesina

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